Peace Building & Conflict Management

This project is a joint initiative between National Steering Committee on Peace-building and Conflict Management (NSC), a Secretariat in the Ministry of State for Provincial Administration and Internal Security and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)-Kenya Country Office and MYWO.

Its broad objective is to enhance the visibility and participation of MYWO leadership and entire membership across its country-wide structures in the active promotion of peace building and conflict management processes in Kenya in the period leading up to, during and after the 2012 general elections so as to consolidate and lay the foundations for sustainable peace and security in the country.

The major activities involve building the capacities of MYWO members in particular and women in general with a view to develop and implement their PBCM projects, based on the obtaining security challenges in their own local contexts. The project is national, multi-year project is planned to initially run from 2011 up to and including 2013.


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